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Taper Roller Manufacturing Process ( produce order..)


Tapered Rollers. it's includes Taper Roller, Tapered Rollers, Bearing Roller, Rolling Element and Taper Bearing Roller.

01. Cold forging

Favorable crystal grain flow increases toughness.
Near net shape Rollers.

02. Tumbling
Removes sharp edges and surface scale.
Free from dust and sludge.

03.Heat treatment
Increases the strength and resistance to wear.
Removes the internal stresses.

04.Shot blasting
Provides a consistent and uniform surface.
Free from dust, sludge and heat-treatment scale.

05. Outer diameter rough grinding
Reaches close to final dimension and tolerance.
Becomes easy to achieve final tolerance.

06.Large end face grinding
Generates the perfect large end face radius and roughness.
Achieves the final tolerance.

07. Outer diameter finish grinding
Extremely high dimensional accuracy and shape accuracy.
Low waviness and surface roughness as well as excellent friction properties of the ground surface.

08. Outer diameter super finishing
Improves roughness, roundness and the load bearing capacity as well as reduces running noise.

09. Inspection
Visual and dimensionally checking to assure defect free Rollers.

Rollers are packed in pelletize carton boxes after rust preventive oiling.
Packing is also done as per customer requirement.

Taper Bearing Roller

we also supply the the tapered roller  and  the Bearing Rings,  if you interesting please contact me.

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